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Absolutely Free Psychic Reading! Can I Really Get a Great Reading Totally For Free? (The Truth)

Who else is looking for an absolutely free psychic reading? Are you finding yourself searching high and low, only to be led into THINKING the reading is going to be totally free, only to find there is always a "catch", or shoe to drop? You are not alone....and for really good reason! In this article we are going to examine the notion of free psychic readings online, and see whether or not if you're truly serious about getting a real intuitive insight or breakthrough, you shouldn't avoid these offers altogether.

Okay....But I've Seen These offers that "SAY" They are Absolutely Free. Are they Really Rip-Offs..or Should I Try Them?

Honestly? It would be unfair to call them rip offs. However, you do get in life what you pay for, and the idea that just because someone has a psychic gift they should offer their services for free is a bad one. Why? Because everyone needs to make a living, and just because one is "gifted" with abilities that the rest of us don't have, doesn't mean that they pay less at the grocery store for food, or that they get a discount on their rent, or that their medical bills are any cheaper than yours or mine.

So are you saying that the totally Free Psychic offers are really scams?

No, I'm saying that they usually are simply a way for you to get acquainted with a reader, before you have to pay for the service. They may offer you 5 or 10 minutes for free, but any good network, who employs quality intuitive, mediums and psychics, understands there is a direct relationship between the quality of the readings, the quality of the people CALLING the network, and the "price of entry" that is charged or required to have access to good talent.

My best advice?

If you aren't ready to pay for a reading, I'd wait until you are before you waste too much time getting ones that are sub-par, or are simply "door openers" for a network or intuitive to charge you much larger fees down the road. The best psychics ( and the best networks) are those that charge FAIR prices from jump, are filled with genuinely talented readers and are providing a REAL service to those of us who want extra insight and illumination into our purpose, passion and true path to a more rewarding future for sure!

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