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Can I Get a Psychic Reading for Free? The ONLY Real Way to Find Free Psychics Who Are GOOD!

Who else is looking to find a free psychic service? Do you have pressing questions you'd like answered... but DON'T know which way to turn? Do the assortment of offers... and the avalanche of psychic websites and services make you MORE confused rather than clear on what kind of clairvoyant you'd like to see? And MOST importantly... what about all of those adverts for absolutely free readings, are they legitimate, or are they all simply a scam?

My confession?

I've tried MANY free psychic services myself... and after 20 years of writing, readings and research, you'd THINK I'd know better, right? The vast majority of them are simply a thinly veiled way to UPSELL you on more expensive psychic services you really don't need... and I do advise you avoid those offers at all costs.

There IS an exception, though... and I'm going to share it with you below:

Some services offer a free TRIAL reading, for a fixed period of time, to PROVE to you their psychics are authentic, and will work HARD to establish real rapport with you at no cost. These readings are usually anywhere from 5-7 minutes, and they aren't scripted, or silly... or don't sound phony like many of the less honest readings do and will. Instead... the focus here is simply to establish a relationship, and while they WON'T continue the free part of the call beyond what is promised... they WILL do their best to offer you solid advice, guidance and psychic insight while you are on the phone. (the others typically do a horoscope style SCRIPTED reading... and then pressure you to pay a minute or two in)

The bottom line?

I challenge you to find out for yourself! If something sounds to good to be true... it usually is. But that doesn't mean you can find a legitimate psychic services, that WILL offer a win/win scenario for both you and THEY alike... as if you like the free reading, they are well aware you'll call back, or continue the call you're already on. In my experience? A relationship where each party gets value is the ONLY one that is honest and authentic, and for me... this has been the very BEST way to get some free psychic help, and to test a psychic reader or service BEFORE I spend time, energy and INCOME on one that's NOT right for me.

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