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Are Phone Psychics For Real?

Depending upon your initial encounter with the whole notion of psychics and all things non-ordinary (some call it supernatural), your feelings towards phone psychics may be biased as well. If you think that they are like the old psychics you see in cartoons or old black and white television shows, then you are definitely on the wrong track.

The whole idea of crystal balls and gypsy-type psychics are really more stereotypical than they are real. While it certainly is true that some psychics rely on tarot cards, tea leaves and other ways to give readings, many are simply more intuitive than anything else.

So, is intuition the same as psychic predictions? In a way, yes. You see, intuition is part of our sensory makeup that is not confined to the ordinary ways that we perceive the world around us. Seeing an event occur or hearing someone say something to us seems real because we experience it through our one or several of our five senses. These senses are really more adept at perceiving what is happening physically around us. They are very useful in this area.

Psychics, in addition to the normal five human senses (they are still human beings you know) have the ability to perceive messages, information and energy that is outside the normal range of these senses. Think of it like the ability to tune in satellite radio in addition to the standard FM or AM signals. They all exist in the airwaves around us, it's just that our ability to pick them up varies by the equipment we use to tune them in. Phone psychics can tune into this information for you because their equipment - by way of gift and training - is able to detect these frequencies of thought and other energies.

Your decision to get a psychic reading by phone has the potential to change your life's direction. This is because if you choose to listen to the answers that come up, you are able to empower your life. The answers you hear will be coming from a place that is also connected to your higher self.

When your higher self is answering questions - by way of your phone psychic's intuition and ability to bring it to clear focus for you - you will be benefiting from intelligence in its highest form. Intelligence from this place is really universal intelligence, some refer to this as God or God's voice. Hopefully, this doesn't offend you.

Remember, that as a psychic, the person you are speaking with by phone also has challenges, struggles, and issues that must be dealt with in the physical plane. We each have gifts to bring to the world. Phone psychics are exercising their gifts to help you bring yours to light. Your challenges or fears are simply your ego's way of protecting itself from feeling vulnerable. It is natural to feel apprehensive about going to this place.

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