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How Can I Talk to a Medium For Free? The 2 Things You Must Do Before Ever Calling a Medium

Who else is thinking about seeing a medium? Are you interested in contacting someone on the "other side" but aren't quite sure which medium to call or visit? Or....like many people reading this right now, are you simply on a moderate budget, and are worried about spending too much money on your first (or next) consultation with a medium? If you are like I used to be...the simple truth is that you DON'T have much money to spend on speaking to a medium, yet you are DETERMINED to only speak to someone will authentic and special skills.

Here is what I've learned in my 2 decades of psychic interest, research and readings:

- There are MANY super compassionate, well intentioned, good people out there that WILL talk to you about your deceased loved ones for free. I've lost a few very special people in my life, and have certainly sought the solace of some of these folks to help work through the pain. But.....as a general rule, NONE of these people have special mediumistic skill or ability, and for the most part, they don't advertise themselves as such. The truth? I've never had an experience with an authentic medium that DIDN'T cost money...and unless you have a very special personal contact or referral, I don't think you are going to have much luck here, either.

My recommendation is this:

Set a budget. If it's a SMALL budget, it's BETTER than wasting your time seeking out "free" psychic mediums ads that are only bait and switch style UPSELLS for more expensive products and services you don't really want. If you allocate 30 or 40 dollars, you can TEST a medium and see how you feel about the reading....before making a larger financial commitment that you aren't ready to make. (this is what I've done anyway)


Choose your service (or individual intuitive) wisely. Again, in my experience, 90% of the people who are actively involved in the psychic industry are actually really good people, who want to help. (they aren't all as SKILLED as they may believe they are....but as a general rule, they mean well and will do their best for you)

But you MUST learn what sort of offers to avoid...and these are typically folks who "squat" on forums, or blogs and tend to contact people who appear vulnerable for private readings. More often than not, in my experience, these folks are charlatans at best...and con artists at worst, and you CAN find yourself being "scammed" if you aren't careful.

I only recommend beginners call mediums who work for networks. Yes, we have affiliate relationships with the better ones, but the MAIN advantage is protection!

A reputable psychic service will offer you top shelf mediums who have PASSED all sorts of accuracy thresholds, will guarantee you are satisfied with their service and for the most part, will bend over backwards to make CERTAIN your experience is an enlightening one. (and is something I would have loved if it had been available when I first got started myself!)

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