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Get A Psychic Reading For Free! 2 Easy Ways To Get Free Psychic Advice

I want to share a few easy ways to LEGITIMATELY get free psychic advice. The truth is, most of the offers out there that promise free, or even super LOW cost readings are really a rip off. The truth is, like lots of other high end professional services, a genuine reading with a legitimate psychic is NOT something you should take for granted...or expect for free. (except in the following special scenarios, which I'm going to SHARE with you for nothing.

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Want a free reading with a psychic, medium or intuitive who is JUST starting out? Often, finding online meet ups, or paranormal interest groups that get together once or twice a month is a GREAT way to get a complimentary reading without getting scammed, suckered or ripped off. How do they work? Easy. Meet-ups that focus on developing psychic skills, or refining readings are fairly common in most major cities, and often...the group members will practice their skills on other members for free. Please note though: Often the QUALITY of the readings can be a bit questionable, as many of the people who participate in psychic meet ups are JUST getting started. But free is free...and it's often a great way to meet other people who share your PASSION for psychic phenomena as well, which can be PRICELESS down the road to boot!

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There are several legitimate services and psychic networks that offer a short, 5 or 6 minute free reading to PROVE that their psychics are legitimate. You can often get a short, complimentary reading without any hassle or high pressure, and if you want to continue thereafter, you simply move on to a more detailed and in-depth session with the very same psychic you've been speaking for free. But DO be warned! Some of these services CAN be a scam....and if you're not careful, you can end up paying FAR more than you bargained for. (so ONLY utilize services that look good, look reputable, and have web sites you can trust)

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